Enterprise podcast production for highly regulated industries.

Podcasting allows us to connect on a much deeper level with our audience.

The human habit of listening to content versus reading or watching it is very different.  To connect with podcast audiences companies spend over a $1000 on advertising each month.  Instead of advertising on content, why not create your own podcast and connect with your own audience?

With the experience and knowledge of the ListenDeck team, you can create a magnetic miniseries or weekly podcast.  High quality production, content and delivery is our specialty.  If you’re looking to create a highly complex miniseries or high profile weekly podcast, we’ve done it many times over.  If you’ve been wanting to create a podcast, but don’t know how, then you found the right group of people who love what they do, more importantly would love to do it for you.

Contact us today to discuss and unlock your possibilities.

Curious to what you get? Listen to the episodes below which were produced with us and hear it for yourself.