We will upgrade your current production system and plug you into ours. 

The benefits of a high-quality audio production system:

  • Higher quality sound per episode.

  • Lower overall cost to produce each episode.

  • Faster episode creation and distribution.

  • Ease of mind by fully removing production panic.

Aspects of the ListenDeck audio production system. 

  • Strategy – (production schedule, show structure and content,)

  • Pre production – (recording space, equipment, software) 

  • Production – (recording, marking files for edit)

  • Post production – (editing, sound track, id3 tags)  

  • Distribution – (hosting, podcast channel distribution)

Included in the ListenDeck audio production system:

  • Show strategist

  • Episode director

  • Production manager

  • Audio editing team

You talk and we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact us to discuss your project.